The gayest car ever?

Is this the gayest car (Ka) ever?

The Ford Street Ka is possibly the gayest car on the planet with a normal paint job but this pink one I saw just off Ecclesall Road this morning is just going too far!!!

These things cost £16,000 new so I can't imagine who in their right mind would buy one this colour??!?! What will be the resale value? 50 quid?

Still, each to their own I guess.


Nick said…
Christian, this is a clear cry for help. You obviously want this car. I say buy it, it was about time the world knew your dark secret.

(shit, I used to have a Ka)
Anonymous said…
You certainly don't seems to have an open mind by writing that's the gayest car. It is obviously a girly car. In fact, a girlfriend of mine has a pink car, wears only pink clothes and lets not talk about her appartment...

Still thinking that pink is a gay color? or that prehaps... women don't drive?

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