Mums Annual Party - 23rd July

My mum generally has a party each year. This year it was last Sunday (23rd) and what a great afternoon it was.

Lots of family that we only see a couple of times a year were there and they all commented on how much Alice had grown and, of course, how lovely she was.

Much booze was consumed but Victoria was driving and I was on a go slow after the previous days visit by The Family Callaghan, so it didn't get too ugly.

Mum made lots of really nice food as normal.

Victoria and I spent most of the afternoon accompanying Alice as she wandered around the garden investigating it's various nooks and crannies. All she likes to do at the moment is investigate and obviously she can't do this by herself.

I took many photographs. Mostly of Alice. I seem to have a strong urge to catalogue her life in minute detail via my camera. I suppose most parents feel the same.

Anyway, a good day was had by all. Pictures are available here.


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