Movie Review - Superman Returns

I've always liked the Superman movies. Well, the first two anyway, and Christopher Reeve was to me always the only person who could ever play the part of Superman. Because of this I was a little wary of watching the new Superman movie.

I need not have worried.

Superman Returns is not a start again and ignore the old films kind of movie. It is a sequel to Superman 2 and takes place about 5 years after the events in that film. Superman has gone to see the remains of Krypton and finding nothing there returns to earth. Once back he finds a post 911 earth and a Lois Lane with a son and a boyfriend. It's not long of course before he is wearing spandex and flying around saving people.

I really enjoyed this film. They use the music from the Christopher Reeve films so as soon as the credits stared rolling I was smiling. I was worried that Brandon Routh would not be as good as Christopher Reeve but I need not have worried. It is as if he is channeling his ghost he is so similar when playing the role.

Kevin Spacey was also excellent as Lex Luthor, mixing humour with insanity in the same way as Gene Hackman did in the first two films.

The plot is of course standard Superman stuff but it does not really matter.

Ok, to sum up :

The Good:
Brandon Routh
The Music
Kevin Spacey
A shot in the eye ;-)
Re-creating the cover from Action Comics no.1

The Bad:
Er, the 'S' symbol on his suit is a bit small.

Make sure you see this film. It's brilliant.


Anonymous said…
Gene Wilder, please know you superman films. Gene Hackman plays Lex Luthor in Superman 1 and 2. Great Film thou.
OK, so I got the name wrong. :-)

I've made the change.

I should make sure I don't write posts with a hangover in furure!!
Nick said…
Christian, your last comment makes sense now. If you had reviewed this film with a clear head you of course would have written that it was a misconceived and very very boring pile of crap.
Rach said…
Christian I totally disagree. It was the worst film I've seen in ages.
No way, it was a great film!!

I stand by my comments. :-)
Anonymous said…
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