My God I Hate Football

As you all know, I don't like football. This is a bad time to not like football as the world cup is currently on.

Last night England were playing Trinidad and Tobago. I was not bothered about seeing it but when I got home Victoria had it on the TV and was happily cheering on Trinidad. Not very patriotic I suppose but better than cheering the bunch of loosers that were playing for England!!

I don't know much about football apart from what I know from playing Fifa 2005 on my XBOX (strangly enough I love football video games!!). What I do know however is that England were shit last night. For the first half it looked like the plucky underdogs were going to either win or at least force a draw.

I found myself wondering what the difference in the wage bill was between the two teams. I bet that the English players get at least 10 times the pay that the Trinidad team gets (only my guess you understand) and are they worth it? I am sure you will all agree that they are not.

I really would like England to win the world cup just so that football fans will stop going on about 1966. It was 40 years ago for gods sake!!!!

On the other hand I would hate for these lackluster overpaid tossers to be considered English hero's, and so in a way would have liked them to have been beaten last night.

We will probably watch other games in the next few weeks but I won't be upset if (when?) England get knocked out of the competition.

At least when it is over we will stop being bombarded with the latest updates on Wayne "part monkey, part spud" Rooney.


The Author said…
Oh My God - Wayne Rooney is so "part monkey, part spud" - that really made me laugh. I don't like football much either and it's all anybody can talk about at work at the moment - even the girls.....booooorrrrriiiing. and I still don't get the offisde rule.

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