Mother Nature : 1 Christian : 0

When I drive to work in the morning the first half of my journey takes me through the countryside. I get to see Derbyshire at it's best, early in the morning.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons (in my opinion) for displaying nature at it's finest, and every day this week as I have been driving to work I have been amazed by incredible sunrises.

Even if it has been cloudy, as the sun came up it would burn it's way through and rays of sunshine would beam across the sky. Fantastic it was.

This morning I though I would capture this amazing sight with my lovely new camera (did I tell you I had a Nikon digital SLR? Oh yes, of course I did). I left 5 minutes early so as not to miss it and after I parked the car I got out and found the perfect position to take some photographs.

I waited.....

I waited a little longer....

Can't be long now......

BUGGER!!!! The cloud was too think and I saw nothing.

I'll get you mother nature, if it's the last thing I do!!!!!


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