Gay Cowboys Are Over Rated

As a film lover I always like to watch as many of the Oscar nominated films as I can before the ceremony. That way, when I hear the results I can nod and say things like "Million Dollar Baby deserved lots of awards", or shake my head and say things like "Halle Berry got an Oscar? No Way".

I also find it is a good way to point you in the direction of a couple of films that you may not have otherwise watched. "Sideways" last year for example.

So far this year the best films I have watched are "The Constant Gardener" and "Crash", both of them deserving to be known as works of genius. Last night Victoria and I decided it was time to watch the other big contender in this years awards, "Brokeback Mountain".

I am sure you all know that this movie is about two cowboys who are looking after some sheep alone on a mountain for months on end and fall in love with each other. They then spend the next 20 years trying to come to terms with their 'forbidden feelings'.

This is a slow moving film. It's runtime is 134 minutes. This is not a problem for me. I like slow moving films. The main problem is that this film is boring. About half way through you just wish both the leads would give themselves a shake and stop moping around. Cheer up for god's sake!!

Most of the reviews for "Brokeback Mountain" have said it is a remarkable, powerful, moving love story. If it is it passed me by. There seemed to be no chemistry between the leads. They just seemed to be friends to me. It is possible that because they were both male that I did not really get the story but let's face it, a love story is a love story no matter what the sex of the participants. I just didn't notice any passion.

Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are up for Oscars but I hope they miss out. I am sure they are both very good but their performance in this film seemed lacking to me, especially when you compare it to some of the performances in "Crash".

I've also got to say that most of the male cast in this film looked like rejects from "Midnight Cowboy". If you ask me they all looked gay. :-) I mean come on, do people really dress like that?

One thing that was good however was the scenery. Some of the mountain ranges were spectacular. I have to say though that I suspect Ang Lee has a large collection of "stunning cloud pictures" that were added to many scenes as every one had a spectacular sky.

To sum up, this movie is a bit dull and I feel that all the media attention it has received is not really justified. Most of the people shouting about how good it is have probably not seen it.

Watch "Crash" instead.


Chris said…
I have to say, the film does look incredibly dull from the trailers.

Oh, and you're wrong about Million Dollar Baby. No way should that have won an oscar.
OboeJane said…
It's a great film. And I don't mean just in a "so fashionable to like it" way, or a "look how broadminded I am" way. It's not even that it is good "for a gay film". It is just a beautiful and moving film.

(Ok, Heath and his quasi-ventriloquist-style speaking is vaguely annoying, I grant you.)
I guess everyone's opinion and tastes are different. I just didn't get this movie at all.

Chris however is no longer allowed to have an opinion as saying that Million Dollar Baby did not deserve any Oscars just goes to show that his are so wrong that he forfeits the right to have any. :-)
Anonymous said…
I have to say I haven't seen this film - mainly because I don't get out much (!) - but we did go and try to watch the new B&W pic starring wots his name from ER. My daughter(16 going on 28) fell asleep after 5 minutes and after an hour we left!!! Just didn't get it!!!!

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