Santa 5K Run - 13th December 2009

Last Sunday was the Santa 5k run in aid of Amy's Retreat. As the name suggests, this involves dressing up as Father Christmas and running 5km for charity.

There were seven of us from work competing and we managed to raise £325 for this worthwhile charity.

We all met at the Nottingham House at 11am to register and collect our outfits. After we got changed and laughed at each other we made our way down to Western Park.

This was my first ever race and I was a bit worried that I would finish dead last, including being beaten by the 10 year old girl and the granny pushing a baby laiden buggy! I need not have worried! I was indeed beaten by the rest of Team SDL but I was by no means last.

I actually found the run harder than I expected. I can easily run 5km normally but I was really struggling at some points (the uphill bits!!) and was knackered at the end. Maybe I didn't pace myself at the start or maybe I should have stretched more. I also maybe need to vary my route more when I run so I don't get used to it. Whatever, I found it hard but I finished which is the main thing!

At the end of the day we all had great fun and I think we will all be doing it next year as well.

Thanks to everyone who donated and shame on those who didn't (Tim!!!) :-) You can still donate by the way by clicking here.

Pictures taken by Victoria can be found here and Phils pictures can be found here.


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