Review : iPhone 3Gs

I have liked the iPhone for a while. In fact I kind of liked them when they were first released but they were only 2G and there was no GPS as well as a serious lack of memory.

Last June Apple updated the iPhone with the iPhone 3G. Can you guess what the main difference was between the original and the 3G?

As well as supporting 3G networks, rather essential in an Internet biased phone if you ask me, the 3G had built in GPS and the option of 16GB storage. Nice but not enough.

Having a go with my mum's iPhone about 6 months ago really made me want one. It was fast, it looked cool, it was easy to use. It was a smartphone that even my mum could use to browse the web and send emails.

Then in April I bought Victoria one. She needed a new phone so I thought I would treat her. She loved it. I also loved it but still wanted more memory as this would allow me to replace my phone AND my dying old 20GB ipod.

Then in June Apple announced the iPhone 3Gs. This is a 3G with a faster processor, more advanced graphics, a digital compass and most importantly, the option of 32GB storage. It also allows you to record video and it adds voice control. Time to buy I thought.

I really wanted to go to an O2 shop on the launch day to buy my new phone but we were on the way to Silverstone for the Grand Prix so I called them on the way there. The phone was delivered on the Monday.

I have now had it for about 10 days. Do I still like it? Oh god yes!

The only feature in the 3Gs that I really want is the memory. I have 15GB music, 20 or so apps and it is only half full. This is just what I wanted. Loads of music and room for more.

The other new features are a mixed bag. The compass may seem useless but when used in google maps to orientate the maps to the direction you are facing it is an excellent addition. The voice control is a bit hit and miss. "Play Bruce Springsteen" caused it to reply with "Calling Work". Maybe I need to play with it more.

The faster processor/graphics seem to make a difference. My iPhone does load applications faster than Victoria's but once loaded there is little difference. Maybe I will notice this more when 3Gs only apps arrive.

The video recording is very good for a phone. You can apparently edit the video on the phone but I have not bothered trying.

So what do I think of the iPhone as a smartphone? It is fantastic. My previous phone was a Windows Mobile model and the iPhone is streaks ahead. It is quick, the browsing experience is fantastic and a credible alternative to a laptop/pc. It is great for texting and email and can now connect to an exchange server, and there is the app store.

The Apple app store is accessed through iTunes and allows you to download new software for your iPhone. Some is free. Some is not. Some is crap and some is excellent. Whatever, it brings your phone alive by allowing you to customise it to your liking. In a word, amazing.

It is not all good though. There are some really stupid omissions. For example, as well as setting up an email account for my personal mail I also connect to the Exchange server at work. This means I can look at the phone in the morning and see possibly hundreds of new mails. I would previously just have marked all the mails as read but you can't do this on the iPhone. Why not I don't know but it is really annoying.

You also can not add your own text message sounds for some reason. Crazy! I like my CTU phone sound for text messages and I can't have it.

There are a few other small things like this that should really be fixed/added.

The only big issue I have is the battery life. It JUST lasts a working day. I can turn the phone on at 7am and it will be dead by 6pm. I think this will get better when the novelty factor wears off and I am not playing with the phone so much but I have to make sure I can charge at home, work and the car to make sure I never run flat.

OK, gripes over. This is easily the best phone on the market. Small complaints aside this beats any of the competition to a pulp. I have not used an Android or a Pre yet but from what I have read they don't equal let alone better the iPhone.

Would I recommend you get one? Oh god yes! In spite of O2 ripping off UK buyers with the price just go and get one. You will love it!


The Author said…
I give you six months and I bet a hundred quid that you'll be getting a mac.....just waiting...tick tock, tick tock...why don't you start small with a laptop? IF you like the iphone you will love a mac............go on - you know you want to!!!
Tracy, I will NEVER buy a mac. I am a Windows lover. As much as mac fans harp on Windows is just as good as mac OS-X, especially Windows 7.

Don't get me wrong, I like mac's, I just don't want one. The whole experience of using one is akin to the lack of a 'Mark all as read' on my iPhones email. I don't need that in an OS.

I might install OS-X on my PC just for curiosity but I instal a lot of different OS's for that reason.

Let me say again, I will NEVER buy a mac but I will put a reminder in my calendar for January 3rd to collect my £100. :-)
Chris said…
Is the digital north pole the same as the magnetic north pole? In fact shouldn't it be the 1 pole and the other side of the world the 0 pole?

BTW - battery life definately gets better after the intial burst of heavy playing. When I first got mine it used to last a day, but now I can get a couple of days and a bit out of it no bother. Reducing the amout of time it checks for mail seemed to make a big difference (every hour now instead of every 15 minutes), and if you're really low on juice and not near a charger turning off auto wi-fi detection helps. There's other tips out there on battery life I think that I don't have at the top of my head.

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