The End Of Christmas

Well, that's it. Christmas is finally over.

"But it's been 2 weeks" I hear you cry.

Yes, but I have only returned to work this morning and so Christmas has only just ended for me. :-)

Getting up at 06:30 this morning was no easy task I can tell you, and Victoria phoning me at 09:34 to tell me that she had just woken up really twisted the knife, but all in all my return to productivity was been quite painless.

I have once again had a really great Christmas. Christmas day was spent at my mums with most of the family present and we ate fine food, drank fine wine and generally had a good time. Of course my team won the annual game of Triv' as I am much more intelligent than my brother. :-)

Alice is taking more of an interest in the proceedings as well this year. She knows something is going on and was very excited when she saw her big pile of presents.

New Year was quiet. We could not get a babysitter and so stayed in, drank wine and watched Jools Holland's Hootenanny, and most excellent it was too with the Kaiser Chiefs and KT Tunstall being my personal highlights.

We popped round to Tims on New Years day and saw how we could have looked if had gone to Phil and Janes party. It was not pretty. :-) Apparently the party was pretty wild.

After New Year I still had a week off work. I didn't really do much apart from watching films, chilling out and playing with Alice. We did go shopping for a new Vacuum, toaster and kettle. Exciting stuff indeed.

Anyway, the point is I feel like I have had a really nice long holiday and feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new year.

Happy New year everyone. :-)


Tim said…
"Return to productivity"...? What?

That would imply that you've been productive in the past and are continuing to do so. A bit of a stretch of the imagination, don't you think?

Don't you mean "return to blogging"?

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