My website is upsetting me. :-(

Things are finally getting back to normal at! My servers at home have new harddrives, as well as measures to keep them cool (I think the previous ones failed due to over heating) mail is working well, my domain is lovingly re-created and I have this shiney new website, which is now hosted on my isp's webspace to prevent unexpected loss!!

Unfortunatly I don't like it. I want my old site back along with all the entries I had lovingly crafted.

What my new site needs is more customisation to make it feel more like home. I have looked for templates and themes to make it look better but the only one I like is already used by Chris for his site. If anyone knows of any good theme or skin sites for blogger blogs let me know.

I also need to sort out a gallery. Most of the people visiting the old site were friends and family looking for pictures of events or Alice. For this I have signed up with Flickr. I will have many pictures uploaded soon. :-)

Anyway, I am now going to lament my old site.



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