Temporary Website

OK, so I know backing up is important, and I know that when people loose data due to hardware failures I always say 'Well you should have backed up. You never see me losing data'.

Last Saturday a hard drive in my mail/webserver decided that it no longer wanted to be part of the world and died. This meant I lost my blog site and the database that contains the actual entries. I also lost my mail server.

Not a huge problem I thought. I'll just replace the broken drive and restore everything from the backups I keep every week. This too was not going to happen as the backup tapes refused to be read. I've not had a good week!!!

I actually have bought a new drive now and I am in the process of rebuilding my shattered network. This site will have to act as a placeholder until I decide what to do.

I may keep running a blogger site instead of running the site at home as it means I will not loose nearly 3 years of blog entries again, including my rather elequent reports on Alice being born. :-)

Mail is currently broken and I can't be bothered to redirect it as that means my DNS will have to update and that will take 24 hours and over the weekend I will have to change it back which will take another 24 hours and blah blah blah..... If you want to mail me send me a text instead.

Everything should be back to normal over the weekend. Except the website. :-(




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