Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Is Wrong With Formula 1? - Part 1 - Max Mosley

Last weekend the 2009 Formula 1 season started with a fantastic race in Australia. Brawn GP who were until recently Honda F1 before Honda pulled out were first and second and Lewis Hamilton was third after starting 18th! A superb race!

However, there were controversies before and after the race that could have easily been avoided.

Firstly there was a question about the diffusers on the back of the Williams, Toyota and Brawn cars. Diffusers help the air travel under the car and can have a big impact on performance.

The differing designs were know about months ago and have developed due to the rules being somewhat ambiguous. What has happened during the Australia weekend is that several teams have made a complaint to the FIA about the faster diffusers and it has to go to the FIA appeal court in the middle of April.

If the appeal court say the diffusers are illegal then the race results for Australia and this weekends Malaysian race will be changed due to any teams running the possibly illegal component being disqualified.

This of course will not happen but it did not need to go this far. If the rules were clarified months ago there would be no need for all this. I am 100% sure that the FIA will rule the diffusers legal but it makes the sport look stupid and it need not happen. It also means that while Herr Mosley has been harping on about cost cutting for the past year the teams with the slower diffuser will now have to develop a new one to stay competitive which will cost them a lot of money.

The second controversial issue from last weekend was Jarno Trulli being given a 25 second penalty for overtaking Lewis Hamilton while the safety car was out. Trulli went off the track at a corner allowing Hamilton past. Hamilton then gave him the place back as you are not allowed to overtake under the safety car which meant that Trulli over took Hamilton, earning a penalty for doing just that. How stupid is this? There are many grey area rules like this and it really needs sorting out. It once again makes the sport look stupid.

The rules have got to this state because of the FIA (Mosley!) continuously tinkering with them. Rather than making silly changes such as a medal system for scoring he should create a definitive set of regulations. The sport is 60 years old for God' sake. There should be definitive rules!

Another example of needless change was when Mosley introduced KERS. This is essentially a battery on the car which is charged by the brakes and this energy can be used to give the car an additional 80bhp for 6 seconds. It has cost the teams on average £70 million each to develop these systems and they add practically nothing to the race. All this while Herr Mosley is saying that the teams must cut costs.

The teams have recently formed FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) and have been trying to rectify these issues. They have all agreed on a plan and have asked F1 fans all over the world what they want to see happen. They then presented the results to the FIA who promptly ignored them and decided on their own changes. This is wrong. The FIA need to listen to teams and fans as we are all far more important than they are.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't get me started on tyres!!!! ;-)

To summarise, the first thing wrong with Formula 1 is the FIA and more specifically Max Mosley. The rules are ambiguous and when people interpret them differently the results are variable. They seem to be ignoring what teams and fans want and seem to be working their way down some hidden agenda.

Mosley's tenure as FIA president is over this year and he says he will stand down. Unfortunately he is a born lair and I do not for a moment believe he will not run for office again. He likes the power too much.

Last weekends race was amazing and F1 is not for the scrape heap yet. How long though can it continue to be ruled by these self serving idiots before becoming permanently broken?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daniel Hannan Says What We All Think.

Hands up if you want to smack that smirk of our retarded fuckwit of a PM's face?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say Hello To Christian The Jaffa.

As I reported in November, I went for the unkindest cut of all, the snip.

A few weeks ago it was finally time to take in a sample and today I finally got the results. My sample apparently 'contained a complete absence of sperm'.


I will be taking Jaffa Cakes into work for all tomorrow. :-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ultimate Post Pub Snack?

We have all had a Donner kebab on the way home from a 'busy' night out at the pub and at the time they taste great. It is only the next morning when you realise you dribbled chill sauce down yourself, you stink of mystery meat and you feel like your hangover has doubled thanks to the massive salt and fat intake that you regret your drunken choice.

There is now another choice! Pot Noodle, those purveyors of food that only tastes good drunk or with a hangover have gone the whole hog and released a Donner kebab flavour pot noodle!!


No matter how much crap there is in a Pot Noodle it can't be as bad a a Donner so you are winning in every way.

As Phil seems to have ended his superb snack reviews I will take it upon myself to purchase and try this new pot noodle and to review it properly when I have done so. Of course I will have to get totally pissed before I do so as to have the proper 'post pub' experience.

They are released this weekend so watch this space.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

F1 Teams Tell FIA To Go Fuck Themselves.....

OK, so they didn't actually say that, but this is my website so I can put what I like. :-)

What the F1 teams association (FOTA) have actually done is explain to the FIA that according to their own rules they can't impose any new rules less than 20 days from the start of a new season without all the teams agreeing. All the teams think that the new 'winner takes all' rule is is a rubbish idea so the FIA have graciously decided to defer the plan until next year, explaining that they thought all the teams agreed. This is of course bollocks as FOTA actually put forward their own ideas which were instantly rejected for the rubbish 'winner takes all' plan.

This has made me as happy as my post on the new rule made me sad. Herr Mosley was so keen to force his will on the teams he forgot to read his own rules. Very funny if you ask me.

You can read a much more accurate account of what has happened here.

Now all we need to do is hope Mclaren can pull themselves together for next weekend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Crazy Catholic Fun

Looking at the BBC website today I came across this little gem. Apparently the pope thinks that "handing out condoms can only worsen the crisis of HIV/AIDS." It will apparently promote promiscuity.

Surely the fact that you are using condoms in your promiscuous lifestyle will help prevent aids. Let's face it, people are going to have sex with or without condoms so they can't do any harm.

His popeship made these comments while heading for Africa. Does he not also realise that many of the aids victims are children conceived by loving parents unknowingly carrying the aids virus? Is that why he does not want condoms given out because as Monty Python so brilliantly put it 'Every Sperm Is Scared'?

I'm sick of the catholic church saying such stupid things about condoms and contraception in general. There are thousands of people all over the work living in poverty and having more and more children because a bloke in a frock tells them they can't use contraception. It's ridiculous. The catholic church need to take a more responsible attitude towards their 'flock'.

I say we storm the Vatican and kick the pope out on the streets!! Who's with me? :-)

UPDATE : A new article is available here. My favourite quote is "...the president of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo - have insisted that HIV inevitably passes through holes in the latex from which condoms are made,..." LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FFS. More FIA Formula 1 Meddling

The FIA have just decided that the driver with the most wins will win the drivers championship this year. This means that the second place driver could have more points than the winning driver.

They did this to encourage drivers to go for the win. It's not going to work. It is just another attempt by Max Mosley and the FIA to ruin the sport I love the most.

The F1 teams association wanted to change the points system to encourage drivers to go for the win. They ran a survey and the results say the fans liked their idea. What the survey also said was that the fans did not want a situation where the driver with the most wins gets the championship. However, the FIA (Mosley) ignored this.

I hope this is not the beginning of another year of pointless rule changes. What with Mosley ruining things from the FIA side and Ecclestone taking away all the classic races because Asian and Arab nations pay him more money, F1 is in decline. Both these twats need to leave the sport to people who actually like it and want to see it grow.

The story is available here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Steak Ale And Mushroom Pie

As you may have read below, this week's cooking extravaganza is Steak Ale and Mushroom Pie. You can see a picture of it above this text.

This is the first time I had made pastry and it turned out great. The pie filling was also delicious. It was really rich and lovely. :-)

Once again I am really pleased with the results of my cooking. So far I have had no failures so I am expecting one soon. Of course I do have a cooking encyclopedia of a wife to ask whenever I have a question or two so I'm not exactly working without a net but I still think I am doing quite well.

The recipe for the filling is available here and you can find the pastry recipe here. Gotta love the BBC food website.

More Cooking

Today I am making a steak and ale pie for tea. I have just been to the local farmshop to buy the steak and I will soon be making the pie. Having never made pastry though I am wondering how it will turn out.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Polly Scattergood

While driving home from seeing Watchmen on Wednesday night I was listening to Radio 2 and Steve Lamacq was on playing little known or unsigned artists.

One of the songs he played was 'Please Don't Touch' by Polly Scattergood who I had never heard of but who I took an instant liking to.

I came home and listened to some of her music on her web page before ordering her album. It's really good and I recommend you having a quick listen.

Too Much Too Soon?

Here is an article on the BBC website about an 8 year old boy who got a grade A at maths A-level, the youngest person to do so.

Well done, very clever.

If you keep reading however you will see the following line :

His ambition is to work in the City as an actuary specialising in pensions and insurance.


He's 8. When you are 8 you want to be either a spaceman, a racing driver or a train driver, not working in the city specialising in pensions and insurance!

Hands up if you think his parents have been feeding him lines. :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen? I Do!!!!

Last night I went to see Watchmen. The very fact that I went to the cinema speak volumes about how much I wanted to see this film as I usually avoid the place like the plague. Full of other people, sound usually wrong, sticky floors, too expensive etc etc.

Watchmen however was different. I had first read the book around 22 years ago and since then have read it many many times. It is the story of a bunch of dysfunctional ex-masked superheroes, only one of which has any superpowers, and how someone is killing them.

This film was pure genius. I would have never thought that they could successfully turn it into a film but they have done it.

If you want to see a very clever, intelligent film that just happens to be about superheroes, go and see this one.

Close enough to the original book to please the fan boys? - Check
Cool throw-away one liners? - Check
Extreme violence? - Check
Very sexy girl wearing latex? - Check

Looks like it ticks all the boxes. :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Max Mosley: I'll never recover lost dignity

Max 'Whore Master' Mosley says here that he will never recover his lost dignity.


Maybe he should not have been doing things that cause him such a loss of dignity were he caught.

I still can't believe he kept his job.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bakers Man

I love food.

I love eating out at expensive restaurants and I love eating in as my wife is the most AMAZING cook.

I have been meaning for ages to make an effort and cook myself and since new year I have been doing exactly that.

I have cooked fish twice followed by the worlds best curry (including home-made pilau rice) and today I thought I would try home-made burgers.

Obviously it is no fun to just make the burgers so I decided the bake bread as well so that we would have home-made breadcakes.

I have never baked bread before and I have to say it is the most amazing thing to do. You start with flour, yeast, salt and water and as you mix it in a bowl it suddenly changes into a totally different mixture when it is properly mixed. Then you kneed it for 15 minutes and it totally changes again. Amazing!!! Then after you leave it for 2 hours it is suddenly twice the size. Superb. Payback all the way through the process.

Finally, after all this fun you get bread!! The best bread ever because it is home made and oh so fresh!

I decided to make 6 breadcakes and a loaf. That way we had bread cakes for tonights burgers and a loaf for sarnies tomorrow. You can see the picture of the loaf above and the breadcakes here.

The burgers were also brilliant and really simple to make. The meat was from a good butcher and not supermarket crap and so was rather healthy. Everyone is a winner. :-)

Anyway, I have had a really good time today baking bread and making burgers. Everyone should try it.

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