Monday, August 25, 2008

Richard And Sam's Wedding

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love weddings. Everyone is happy and I can get drunk without having to worry about entertaining anyone except myself!

Last Friday Victoria and I along with my brother and Claire, my mum and step-father and my granny and Eric all trooped down to Henley to see Richard and Sam get married.

Victoria and I were kindly driven 'darn sarf' by my brother and Claire on the day of the wedding. They were not getting married until 4pm and as we left at 07:20 we arrived at the hotel at 10:15 ish. Rather early! We could not check into our rooms until 2pm so we did what any other parents would do when they have no children to look after, we hit the bar!!! Having a pint of Guinness at 10:30 was new to me but was rather easy to do.

After a couple of pints we decided to have lunch in the hotel bar, along with another pint and after that our rooms were ready. A quick shower and a change of clothes and we were ready for a wedding!!!

The wedding was at a place called Old Luxters Barn. This was 20 minutes drive from the hotel and luckily taxis had been provided.

We arrived and were greeted with the traditional Pims and lemonade. Not being a fan of this particular drink I waited until after the ceremony for a beer, and as the venue was also a brewery there was plenty on offer. :-)

Sam walked down the isle to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, one of my all time favourite songs which I for some reason thought was Coldplay. Must have been the early Guinness!! As soon as the song started playing Richard started blubbing. My brother and I never had Richard down for a baller but it is nice to see that I am not the only one in the family!

After the actual wedding we had drinks, followed by the meal and speeches. At the end of the speeches Sam's sister sang a song in sign language accompanied by lots of surprise guests who had been secretly rehearsing. It was really funny and I videoed the end. You can see it here.

Then came my inevitable downfall. What with Guinness in the morning, beer after the wedding, wine with the meal and then back onto bottles of Becks for the after party I was always going to get far too drunk. There are pictures of me dancing for gods sake!!!

At 12:15 the taxis came to take us back to the hotel and it was all I could do to keep awake for the journey. When we got back I was ushered to bed by Victoria who then joined the rest of the family in the bar as they were not as pissed as me. I felt crap the next day and was pleased I did not have to drive anywhere. Still, I had a great time!

So, congratulations to Richard and Sam. I hope you are both extremely happy and I hope I did not embarrass myself at the wedding. :-)

Pictures are here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Look

As you can see, I have changed my website. I was bored of the previous version and fancied something different.

Do you like it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping Trip To Wales

As I mentioned previously, the Family Briddon were going camping in Wales. Well, that was last week and we are back.

We had a brilliant time. We loved camping and although the weather could have been better it was not so bad as to spoil our fun!

Sunday morning we left home and arrived at the camp-site at about 15:30 ish. We put the tent up and got everything inside and then as we had been promising Alice a trip to the beach we headed off to the nearest one. Unfortunately when we got there Alice got come sand in her shoes and decided she actually hated the beach. Oh well!

The campsite was fantastic. We had everything we needed as well as a fantastic view. The owners were friendly and Alice even made a little friend to play with. Amelia didn't seem to realise we had moved location and slept as well as she does at home. :-)

After a great nights sleep we decided to head to Portmeirion on Monday. This is where one of my favourite TV series, The Prisoner, was filmed. What a great place. A real mix of building styles and it looked EXACTLY like it did in the TV show. What was really cool is that the house where 'Number 6' lived in the shop was now the Prisoner shop!!

Tuesday was a bit wet at first so we decided to go to the local rabbit farm. Essentially it is a small farm with puppies, pigs and bunnies for kids to pet and play with. We all enjoyed this and we all held bunnies. Unfortunately Alice now wants one of her own. This will of course not happen as I will end up looking after it!!

Wednesday we decided to head for Mount Snowdon. The plan was to get the train to the top but due to high winds it was only going about 3/4 of the way up and when you got there you could not get out! Bugger! It was however an amazing trip. The views were spectacular and Alice got her first trip on a train. I took some pictures of the mountain but they in no way do it justice, partly because I was stuck on the very busy train shooting through glass! I really want to return and walk to the top.

Thursday was the wettest day of our holiday. We had planned to take Alice to Canarvon castle as she wanted to be a princess (?) but the rain was so bad that we didn't even get out of the car. Instead we went to a slate shop and Victoria bought a slate cheeseboard and to make it up to Alice we went to Criccieth Castle instead. Unfortunately, by the time we got there it was raining again so I had to carry her most of the way and we both got soaked. Still, if my little girl wants to see a castle, she gets to see a castle!!! :-)

Friday was time to pack up and head for home. We really didn't want to leave. We would all have happily stayed another week!

We really enjoyed Wales. I had forgotten how stunningly beautiful a place it was. We are already planning to return to the same place as well as planning a trip to France next year.

Pictures are here.

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